Q & A with Mark Richardson – Part 7

Why can’t I buy Bird on a Wire anymore?

I published Bird on a Wire with Amazon in the summer of 2021 and made it available to anyone who wanted it, but did not market it at all. I let it sell copies through word of mouth because, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I wanted an honest assessment of whether or not it was any good. My original agent made me seriously doubt my ability to tell a story. I didn’t want to send PDFs of the manuscript to my friends – I wanted to put a finished, professional book out into the market to gauge its reaction from strangers. This was never possible before, but Amazon makes it easy and inexpensive.

The book was very well received but I removed it from sale last year. I want to either publish it through a mainstream publisher or take the time to learn how to publish it effectively myself. More importantly, I want to complete my second novel, which continues the story of one of the main characters. If I self-publish, I’ll release both books onto the market at the same time and will work to market them effectively.

Like most authors, I’d prefer to spend my time writing, but we’ll see.