Q & A with Mark Richardson – Part 4
Why did you choose to publish with Amazon instead of going the more traditional route?

I had an agent while I was writing Bird on a Wire, and that kept me going, knowing I was a step ahead of most authors for getting published. But my agent hated the first manuscript and rejected the second totally different manuscript with really no explanation at all, calling it “unpublishable.” However, everyone else who read it told me it was a terrific read. I approached another agent who rejected me flatly without reading the manuscript, just as soon as she heard I’d already been rejected by my former agent. Clearly, the agent’s opinion overrode everyone else.

I always knew I could self-publish but considered it a last resort – something only done by bad writers who couldn’t land a mainstream publisher. Other people saw it differently, though, and told me I’d dodged a bullet by avoiding the traditional route. After all, I’d written two non-fiction books and signed away all their rights when my agent sold them to publishers. A self-published book, however, can be released now, not in two or three years, and puts me in control of the quality and the marketing; for a novel, it’s essential the publisher believes in the book to want to promote it, and when people keep telling me how good it is, who can believe in it more than myself?