Q & A with Mark Richardson – Part 4

Why did you choose to publish with Amazon instead of going the more traditional route?

I had an agent while I was writing Bird on a Wire, and that kept me going, knowing I was a step ahead of most authors for getting published. But my agent hated the original manuscript and rejected it with really no explanation at all, calling it “unpublishable.” I rewrote it completely, changing the characters and the style and 95 per cent of the story, and everyone who then read it told me it was a terrific read, but my agent had no interest in considering it further. I understand that – agents have to wade through a lot of bad writing. Note to potential authors: Don’t send an agent your manuscript until you’re sure it’s ready for publication!

I haven’t given up on agents or what’s now called “traditional” publishing, but I wanted to put my finished book out into the market for a while, to get feedback from readers who don’t know me and have no reason to be kind or pull their punches in criticism. I wanted an honest assessment of my novel. So far, it’s been exceptional. All the people who’ve reviewed it have loved it, and it has a realistic 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Too many reviews are bought and paid for, but not those for Bird on a Wire.