Q & A with Mark Richardson – Part 3
Bird on a Wire is written in the first person throughout, with several different narrators. Why did you take this approach?
I wanted to have an unreliable narrator, somebody whose narrative doesn’t quite ring true and who casts doubt on their honesty, but I didn’t want this to be too obvious. So I created several narrators, and it’s up to the reader to decide who to trust. As well, different people can have very different viewpoints of the same events, and it was fascinating to get into the heads of my characters and determine how each would react to the same thing.
Which authors were your inspiration for this novel?
My hero is Linwood Barclay and I love his mystery- suspense novels. They’re full of twists and turns that you just don’t see coming.
As for the approach of multiple narrators, the most inspirational author for me was Gillian Flynn, who wrote Gone Girl. Her book was a masterpiece of two different people telling the same story from entirely different viewpoints.