I took more than a thousand photos during my ride west, and here’s a selection of them, to illustrate the people and events from every chapter. I used these photos almost as notes, to jog my memory when it came time to sit down and write the book and remember how it had been on a certain day, at a certain time. Click on each photo to expand it and read its caption.

But don’t look at these pictures until you’ve read my book. Let your imagination carry you through my journey and then afterwards, if you’re curious, browse through these galleries to actually meet the people and see the sights that inspired me to write Zen and Now.

Chapter 1 – Minnesota

Chapter 2 – Into North Dakota

Chapter 3 – Eastern North Dakota

Chapter 4 – South Dakota

Chapter 5 – Western North Dakota

Chapter 6 – Miles City, Montana

Chapter 7 – Central Montana

Chapter 8 – Wyoming

Chapter 9 – Western Montana

Chapter 10 – Bozeman, Saturday

Chapter 11 – Bozeman, Sunday

Chapter 12 – Into Idaho

Chapter 13 – Idaho

Chapter 14 – Eastern Oregon

Chapter 15 – Western Oregon

Chapter 16 – Into California

Chapter 17- California

Chapter 18 – Pacific Coast

Chapter 19 – Epilogue: San Francisco