Bird on a Wire

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Sixteen years after the tragic disappearance of her four-year-old daughter from a Florida shopping mall, Claire Copeland hopes a private detective can solve the mystery that shattered her life. She suspects Jessica was taken by her father, John Morgan, a small-time drug dealer and car salesman who works for his underworld uncle in Tampa. Nothing is as it seems and it falls on John to find Jessica, to keep a promise before running out of time.

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Reader Reviews

Amazon customer, UK: I finished this book in a day, which isn’t something that often happens to me. I found myself drawn into the story in the first few chapters and needed to know what was coming next. Many of the chapters end on cliff-hangers that make you keep reading so you can see how they are resolved. However the clever structure of the book means you have to read more than one chapter to get an answer and by that point you’re hooked by the next mystery.
The story will keep you guessing. I lost count of the number of times I thought I had “solved” this and was wrong. The locations are detailed and create a rich background, but it is not a destination mystery. There is real substance to the characters and as you get to know them you learn about their motivations, which are often more complex than you first thought. Of course there is enough action to keep things exciting.
I recommend you give “Bird on a Wire” a try. A very enjoyable novel and I hope it’s not a long wait for the next one.

Amazon customer, USA: Plenty of plot twists and turns throughout. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, wrong once again. Made for an enjoyable night reading. Highly recommended.

Amazon customer, Canada: Mark Richardson’s mystery novel, Bird on a Wire, is almost entirely told in the voices of its characters. As a result, we really get inside their heads, especially the two main characters, Jonathan and Claire, whose four-year-old daughter mysteriously vanishes from a shopping mall. As the story progresses, we gain a deep understanding of who these people are. Some, like Claire, are mostly sympathetic. Jonathan, though, isn’t very likeable. Readers must decide whose version of events they believe. Richardson brilliantly uses that ambiguity to keep you guessing until nearly the end, when all is revealed. Highly recommended for all those who enjoy an absorbing mystery.

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