Canada’s Road

CBC’s Fresh Air

I was interviewed about Canada’s Road this week by Karen Gordon for the CBC’s weekend morning radio show in Ontario.

“I thought your book was going to be about cars, but it’s not – it’s about people,” she said to me before we began.

She was happy to stray off the script and we had a great chat that you can hear at I’ll put up a more direct link straight to the interview once it’s posted.

With Karen Gordon at the CBC in Toronto.

With Karen Gordon at the CBC in Toronto.

Fame in RV West magazine

Here’s the first media story about Canada’s Road, in RV West magazine.

A friend of mine told me on Facebook that I look very handsome in the photo, but I pointed out that pretty much anyone can look good standing next to Captain Dildo.

Capt. Dildo

First sighting!

Here’s the first copy of my new book spotted out in the wild, at a Walmart in Trenton, Ontario. Have you seen it at a bookstore? Send me a photo and I’ll publish it.


Canada's Road in Trenton

Canada’s Road in Trenton



Books across Canada

Mailed out the first bunch of signed books today to people who helped me along the way across Canada. Addresses from Newfoundland to B.C.! Couldn’t send many though because I don’t have many books yet – still waiting for the second edition to arrive at the warehouse.