You found it! My personal web page, which complements my new book, Canada’s Road: A Journey on the Trans-Canada Highway from St. John’s to Victoria. It’s available at bookstores everywhere, as well as Walmart and some other stores, but if you prefer to shop online, just click the logos on the right of this page.

If you’re looking for my first book, Zen and Now – On the trail of Robert Pirsig and the art of motorcycle maintenance, then head on over to my Zen & Now website.

Take a look around this site and you’ll find photos and videos from the Trans-Canada Highway and an interactive map. You’ll also find some of the many other road trip stories I’ve produced in cars and on motorcycles over the last dozen or so years I’ve been a professional automotive journalist.

And check back often. My News page will tell you what I’m up to, and I’ll be putting all kinds of stories and videos up here as I find them from my hard drive archives.

– Mark Richardson

Mark driving